Anyone can create an organization, but in order to join an existing organization you must first be invited by an administrator of your desired organization.

Create an Organization

Create an organization if you are the first member of your company or team to begin using Prospector.  An organization will give you a place to group other users, add projects, and manage billing information.

To create an organization, follow the prompt to provide a name and email address for your organization.  After creating an organization, you'll want to invite other users to teams in your organization, and create a project to get started.

Joining an Existing Organization

If your company already has an organization on Prospector, you'll want to request access from an administrator in your organization.

First, register for an account with Prospector, either by using Github for 1-click login, or by providing an email address and password.  Then provide your administrator with the email address used to register (or the one from Github) so the administrator can invite you to join the organization.

See the related articles for managing teams, projects and inviting users to your organization.