You can easily configure Prospector to post information about your project directly into a Slack channel by configuring a webhook.


The steps to create an integration are:
  1. Create a custom webhook integration for your team's channel on Slack
  2. Copy the Slack Webhook URL
  3. Paste the Slack Webhook URL into the project on Prospector and save, that's it!

To get started, sign in to your teams Slack account and navigate to the custom incoming webhook page.  Choose the channel you want notified of new imports, and click "Add Incoming Webhooks Integration".

On the next page you can scroll down to find the webhook URL to copy.  Back in Prospector, find the project you want to monitor in Slack and edit the project.  In the form, you can paste in the Slack Webhook URL.

Once a project is saved, the next time an import is processed and scored your team will be notified in the Slack channel.

Remove Installation

To remove the Slack integration, simple edit the project and remove the Slack Webhook URL.  Once the project is saved, future imports will not post to Slack any longer.